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Specialist Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone Repairer.



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These pictures are of Michael J Allen's 1st flute made way back in 1986. Since then he has made 54 concert flutes, a large number of G treble flutes and over a thousand headjoints. Michael makes every part of the flute himself including the tubing which starts off as a flat sheet; it is then drawn through a series of draw plates until the tube ends up the desired gauge, size and quality. When working with precious metals especially gold it is very important you use just enough material for the job as any wastage becomes very costly. Michael's 1st flute had some new ideas, double pillars for the thumb keys to alleviate mechanism movement, in-line trill keys (these were later changed back to the conventional system), split G's for ease of adjustment. This flute also had a cluster of rubies in the crown (the lady customer liked sparkle). Michael has always tried out new ideas and seems to have endless patience, skill, and willingness to devote as much time to get the perfect end result.


James Galway's 70th birthday concert at the Fairfield Halls

My wife Amanda and some flute players from Green St Green Primary School meet Sir James and Lady Jeanne Galway after the 70th birthday concert.




Stephen Butler specialist woodwind repairer for Flute repairs, Clarinet repairs, Saxophone repairs,

located in Bromley Kent, London suburb, South East England.