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Specialist Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone Repairer.



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A very rare Rudall Carte solid gold flute serial No 4627 made in 1911 by Andre Schumacher. This instrument was made for Mr W.E. Cain who lived in Liverpool (Information kindly given by Robert Bigio). The flute later belonged to Gilbert Inglefield mayor of London 1967-1968, a very keen amateur musician who often performed at the Oxford and Cambridge musical club on this gold flute. Latterly the flute came up for auction and was purchased by another keen amateur musician and I was given the job of restoring this rare instrument.
All the keywork has decorative engraving. A highly skilled craftsman would have engraved this by hand. Even today the best flutes are still hand engraved.   The B footjoint mechanism is slightly different to that of a modern day flute, tricky to regulate.
All the tone holes were all soft soldered on this flute. The low C tone hole had become detached and required re-soldering. Note the clamps on tone holes either side to avoid more problems during soldering.   Gilbert Inglefield 'Mayor of London' name engraved on headjoint. Headjoint socket engraved 'Rudall Carte & Co. The serial number 4627 is very hard to find because of the decorative engraving.




Stephen Butler specialist woodwind repairer for Flute repairs, Clarinet repairs, Saxophone repairs,

located in Bromley Kent, London suburb, South East England.