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Specialist Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone Repairer.



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As seen on the bell this is a 'Three Stars Cundy-Bettoney' silver plated metal clarinet which was built between 1935-1942. These clarinets were often used by the military bands because. 1) They matched the other silver plated instruments in the band. 2) Metal as opposed to wood was not effected by extreme heat and cold conditions during the bands foreign tours. This clarinet has arrived for repair. Most of the mechanism has corroded and will require patience to just take the keywork apart let alone service the instrument.
Above the Cundy-Bettoney clarinet put back into playing condition. The owner was given this clarinet by her father so it had sentimental value. When I asked my son what this type of instrument was called, he thought for a moment and replied clariflute.
Pair of Yamaha clarinets in for servicing. These instruments belonged to the late great John Denman 'The man with the golden clarinet' who sadly died in 2001.   This is a picture of my 1st workshop taken in the attic in 1992. Apart from the lack of space the room went very cold in the winter and blisteringly hot in the summer.




Stephen Butler specialist woodwind repairer for Flute repairs, Clarinet repairs, Saxophone repairs,

located in Bromley Kent, London suburb, South East England.