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Specialist Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone Repairer.



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Ophicleide musician feeling the heat!


The Kohlert factory in Graslitz, as it then was, in Bohemia.
Multi talented John Elliott playing his Ophicleide which I have gradually restored over the years.  
Two fife's in for repair. Rudall & Rose 1838-1847. D'Almaine & co 1834-1867. Often used by the military as marching flutes.
A pair of Rudall Carte 1867 system flutes. This particular customer of mine has four in total. I have a small number of customers playing 1867 system and they all have more than one instrument.   1867 system flute being serviced. The mechanism is very complicated to work on due to the many alternative fingerings.




Stephen Butler specialist woodwind repairer for Flute repairs, Clarinet repairs, Saxophone repairs,

located in Bromley Kent, London suburb, South East England.